I am…

…Jordan Trumble.
…an Episcopal priest.
…a writer.
…a summer camp professional.
…an occasional radio personality.
…an HGTV devotee and wannabe chef.
…a pop culture enthusiast.
…an Appalachia native who has also lived and worked in the Midwest, West Coast, and New England.

My writing has been featured in  Yearnings: Authentic Transformation, Young Adults, and the Church (Morehouse Publishing, 2013) and The Living Church.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jordan;
    I was a camper and counselor at Peterkin in the 60’s-70’s. An amazingly fertile and creative time and formative for me. When I went to college at UNC and checked in with the college chaplaincy (a pretty dull experience) I recall thinking, “Why can’t this be more like camp?”
    I appreciate your insights and agree completely. This is the beginning of an interesting vestry conversation for us here at St Thomas.
    BTW, I wonder if I knew your folks at Peterkin?
    Lex Breckinridge
    Rector, St Thomas, Medina, Diocese of Olympia

    • Lex,
      Thank you for your comments! My parents are Becky Short and John Trumble. My mother was a camper in the 60s and early 70s and then my parents were both counselors in the mid-late 70s.


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